Visit to the new Whitney Museum September 14, 2015 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , , , ,

Jerry Saltz: “The Piano building has about 50,000 square feet of indoor exhibition space (plus 13,000 outside), of which 20,500 over two floors is devoted to the permanent collection. (There is even more space to claim on an adjacent lot currently occupied by a rare remaining meat-processing facility, which you get the sense the Whitney is already eyeing lustily.) There, the space is open, simple, Shaker-like; the wide-plank pine floors are perfect. This means the Whitney spent $422 million in part to do something that the other three big Manhattan museums haven’t done: make a lot more and a lot better space for older art and also make a lot more better space for newer art.” [New York Magazine]


Yonyo:  Curating modern American art: the Whitney is bold, clever, and delightful. 😉