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daniel arsham @ galerie perrotin nyc

Daniel Arsham imagines the world in the next millennium in his latest exhibition titled 3018, at Galerie Perrotin in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  A lot of great Looney Toons references (Tweety, Porky, Bugs, etc) and Check out the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future franchise. I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque! – Bugs Bunny

Takashi Murakami’s HEADS↔HEADS @ Galerie Perrotin NYC

Takashi Murakami new solo exhibit at Galerie Perrotin‘s Lower East Side Gallery.  His New York launched on April 28 — at the Gallery’s Orchard Street space and will run through June 17.  The show had an extensive amount of Murakami’s original work, pieces from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts exhibition, the Baka paintings and more on display. New sculpture, drawings and paintings, OH MY!  Check it out while it’s here.

Yayoi Kusama @ David Zwirner Gallery

Yayoi Kusama created two new infinity rooms on view through December 16th @ david zwirner.  I refrained from touching the art.  I recommend getting there with plenty of time on your hands, since the lines are long.  Worth it, though! Also saw With All My Love For Tulips, I Pray Forever. Yayoi Kusama

John Chamberlain @ Gagosian Gallery

I went to this John Chamberlain exhibit and loved it. Some of his larger sculptures were there also but I was really blown away by the masks.  I’ve never really tried my hand at sculpture, but his work was inspiring and his use of color created a beautiful atmosphere at the Gagosian.

Peter Roux @ Lyons Wier Gallery

“Goodbye Blue Sky” Peter Roux “Suspension and Segment” @lyonswiergallery in Chelsea, NYC. I caught the opening of the show – you miss meeting the artist when you get there early, but I hate crowds in galleries. 😉

Robert Swain @ Minus Space

“Robert Swain: Color as Color” continues through Saturday, April 29. This is the New York artist’s third solo exhibition at the Minus Gallery and it features a suite of new large-format color grid paintings. Don’t miss it!

Daniela Imhoff @ Dumbo Art Walk

Still from | Champion Of Love | by Daniela Imhoff | Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two Light Year projections on tonight until 10pm for First Thursday Gallery Walk in DUMBO – LightYearArts

Mineko Yoshida @ air gallery

Okinawan-born, American-educated artist. There are endless possibilities in the art of abstraction. She investigates formal concerns such as structure, color, and paint application are simply the means, not the end.  Here she is attempting to explore the realm of abstraction with what her experiences in life could possibly offer. both 9″X11″ Acrylic on Yupo.